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Carrying More Than One E-Cigarette – Is It Necessary

So you’ve started to get into the world of vaping. It doesn’t matter why you do it – it just matters that you do it. That being said, you may have heard a number of different tips and tricks from those who are more experienced with their e-cigarettes. One of the most popular tips that you hear is about the number of e-cigarettes that you carry with you. Most times, you will hear that you should always have at least two of them with you. But why? There are a few reasons.

First, e-cigarettes are like pretty much every other electronic device. Something can end up going really wrong, even if you take good care of the item. We’ve all seen different devices break when we need them the most, and the same thing can happen with your e-cigs. Having that spare e-cig with you can make it so that you aren’t stressed out and that you can continue to vape, even when you have a failure.

Another, perhaps obvious, reason you should carry more than one e-cig is because the batteries only have a limited life. If you’re going to be out for an extended amount of time during the day, your battery may not be able to make it, and you may not have the opportunity to charge the battery either. By having an extra one handy; you won’t have to deal with panic if the battery dies in your primary device. You can just switch to your other device and enjoy.

If you are going to use multiple flavors of juices, you will want to have multiple e-cigs with you. The juices may mix to make a quite odd tasting mixture, if you don’t have time to clean out the chamber in between. Even if you aren’t going to switch the flavors, if you don’t have time to clean it, you could end up with backup, thus making it hard for you to use the primary e-cig that you were planning on using while you were out.

It could also cause permanent damage and break the e-cig, putting you in the situation that we discussed above.

Another reason is, if you decide that you want to try new flavors or go to a vape store so that you can check out the items that they have, you want to have a clean e-cig on you. Why? Because, like we mentioned above, it will ensure that your tank is clean before you try the new flavors. You’ll get a better idea as to whether or not you enjoy a particular flavor if you don’t have any of the residue making it difficult for you to determine what the actual flavor of the juice is.

So, as you can see, there are a whole lot of reasons you should have multiple e-cigarettes with you at all times. Two is usually sufficient, but some people will have one for pretty much everywhere that they may be. The number that you have will depend on your budget and how much you’re going to be away from home when you are looking to use it. In short, invest in at least a second e-cigarette so that you’ll be ready to vape, no matter where you may be.